ISO / IEC 17025

E3Tech Engenharia e Representações LTDA has extensive experience in the accreditation of testing laboratories, calibration, and certification and inspection bodies. Its founders work in all stages of a process, from the preparation of regulations to the evaluation of laboratories.

According to INMETRO, the accreditation is a tool established on an international scale to generate confidence in the performance of organizations performing conformity assessment activities.

According to INMETRO, the accreditation made by the General Coordination of Accreditation (Coordenação Geral de Acreditação - Cgcre) is voluntary and represents the formal recognition of the competence of a laboratory or body to carry out conformity assessment tasks, according to established requirements. Although the accreditation is voluntary, it is determinant for most markets, due to the priorities rules that give advantages to the accredited laboratory to the detriment of the others.

In this scenario, a laboratory that does not obtain accreditation cannot perform tests for the purpose of certification or homologation and, therefore, the anticipation of the granting of the accreditation is a matter of survival for the interested party.

Therefore, the accreditation of a test and calibration laboratory in accordance to ISO / IEC 17025 is not trivial and requires a lot more than dedication.

As an example, the accreditation of certain market segments such as Electromagnetic Compatibility or Electrical Safety in medical devices may require the calibration of equipment abroad and participation of proficiency testing programs from other countries, and lack of planning may cause a delay that takes years for one accreditation.

E3Tech may provide one or all of the services described below relating to the accreditation of test or calibration laboratories in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025:

Ticket Laboratories Projects
Ticket Technical-Commercial viability analysis
Ticket Management Systems Audit
Ticket Elaboration of Proficiency Testing Programs
Ticket Uncertainty Calculation
Ticket Preparation of test or uncertainty procedures
Ticket Analysis of results
Ticket Calibration, maintenance and equipment verification programs
Ticket Development of calibration techniques


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