ANATEL certification
and approval process

The ANATEL approval process aims to guarantee users of telecommunications products a minimum standard of quality, safety, interoperability and promote the protection of the radio electric spectrum, a scarce and finite resource.

The ANATEL Resolution 242/2000 established the compulsory nature for the certification and homologation of telecommunications products to be marketed in the national territory.

The ANATEL certification model adopted by ANATEL Resolution 242/2000 is based on the accomplishment of certification tests in laboratories designated by ANATEL. The mandatory tests are those defined in the category requirements, the document on which the OCD is based to request the necessary tests. After testing, test results are analyzed and if they demonstrate compliance with the requirements a certificate of conformity is issued.

This certificate together with other relevant documents such as manuals, internal photos, manufacturer's declarations and product documentation is then submitted to ANATEL, which will proceed with the homologation of the product.

ANATEL, through resolutions ANATEL 242/2000 and 323/2002, divided telecommunications equipment as follows:

Ticket Category I Telecommunication Products: Terminal equipment intended for use by the general public for access to a telecommunications service of collective interest;

Ticket Category II Telecommunication Products: Equipment not included in the definition of Category I, but which uses the radio spectrum for signal transmission, including antennas and those characterized in specific regulations as radio communication equipment of restricted radiation; and

Ticket Category III Telecommunication Products: Any products or equipment not covered by the definitions of Categories I and II, whose regulation is necessary.


Below, we present the flow of an initial certification and present the way E3Tech simplifies, reduces costs and deadlines in the certification and approval of a product.

E3Tech's commitment is to reduce deadlines and costs for our customers.

Through this constant search, we have made partners throughout the more than 15 years of activity in this segment that allow us to affirm that this is possible. Due to the large volume and constant demand that E3Tech has with the OCD's and Laboratories, we have achieved different terms, prices and commercial conditions for our customers.

E3Tech has partnerships with the best laboratories and certifiers in the market and manages to offer the best price and the shortest time available in the market. In addition, it has a highly qualified technical staff, who solves all kinds of problems to make the certification task something simple.




After obtaining the initial approval, it is necessary to perform a maintenance, depending on the category of the equipment, as described below:

Ticket Category I – each 12 months

Ticket Category II – each 24 months

Ticket Category III – without validity (however, it must always be updated in relation to the normative changes)


The maintenance process basically consists of:

Ticket Verifying that the equipment is properly marked with the required information;

Ticket Verifying that the product has changed since the initial certification;

Ticket Collecting recent photos and updated documents in relation to the product;

Ticket Performing maintenance tests (where applicable);

Ticket Promoting the analysis of documentation in an OCD;

Ticket Issuing a new certificate, with new validity.

E3Tech can assist in any or all of the above stages. Count on our support to approve your products with ANATEL.


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