Model approval procedure for
legal metrology equipment

In Brazil, subject to regulation and metrological control – a proper action of a legal metrology body – are the measuring instruments and materialized measures used in economic (commercial) activities and measurements that are relevant to the safety of persons in the areas of health, safety and the environment, and pre-measured products.

It is the responsibility of the Inmetro, through the Legal Metrology Board (Diretoria de Metrologia Legal), observing the competence assigned to it, to organize and execute legal metrology activities in Brazil.

As in all organized societies, technological, economic and social development has, also in Brazil, determined the effective implementation of the metrological control of measuring instruments. Covering initially only the measurements in commercial transactions, the legal metrology activities have gradually been extended to the other areas foreseen in the legislation.

New measuring instruments must have their model approved by Inmetro, which examines, tests and verifies if it is suitable for its purpose. When existing and approved by the competent Division, the model approval tests may be carried out in laboratories belonging to Brazilian Network of Testing Laboratories (Rede Brasileira de Laboratórios de Ensaios - RBLE), accredited by the CGCRE or designated by DIMEL.

After its manufacturing, each instrument must be subjected to the initial verification to ensure its accuracy before its use.

When in use, its holder is responsible for maintaining its correctness and correct use, and is controlled by periodic checks and inspections.

The Brazilian Network of Legal Metrology and Quality (Rede Brasileira de Metrologia Legal e Qualidade), present in each state, through bodies delegated by Inmetro, controls equipment and instruments to ensure that consumers are receiving correct measures.

The Inmetro also works to ensure that legal metrology is uniformly applied throughout the world, playing an active role in cooperation with Mercosur and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (Organização Internacional de Metrologia Legal - OIML).

The elaboration of the metrological technical regulation has been based on guidelines that allow the alignment of the regulation to international parameters, as well as the application of metrological control, favoring the health, safety and environmental areas.

E3Tech provides consultancy and advice so that customers in Brazil and the world have their products approved by INMETRO allowing them to be sold in national territory. Consult our team for more information.

As an example, we present the instruments subject to metrological control currently:

Ticket Scales
Ticket Weights
Ticket Fuel metering pumps
Ticket Tank vehicles (truck and wagon)
Ticket Bodywork for solid cargo
Ticket Taximeters
Ticket Capacity measurements for liquids
Ticket Material measures of length (meters, Trends)
Ticket Thermometers for petroleum and alcohol derivatives
Ticket Densometers for petroleum and alcohol derivatives
Ticket Clinical thermometers
Ticket Electromechanical electrical energy meters
Ticket Hydrometers (cold water meters)
Ticket Home gas meters
Ticket Cryogenic liquid measurement systems
Ticket Compressed gas measuring systems
Ticket Chronograph
Ticket Speed meters
Ticket Gas and rotary type gas meters
Ticket Vehicle gas analyzers (model approval)
Ticket Breathalyzers
Ticket Blood pressure gauges (sphygmomanometers)
Ticket Opacimeters (model approval)
Ticket Electronic power meters (approval of)
Ticket Measuring systems used for liquids and gases
Ticket Measuring instruments
Ticket Roller brakes

Source: Adapted from www.inmetro.gov.br, accessed on 10-Jan-2017


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